About Us

A passion for helping others and building mutually beneficial networks!

Combining raising money for a cause close to your heart and trekking to Everest Base Camp, it does not get much more gratifying than that!

This is an opportunity to make a real difference, you may find that people will be very generous and supportive of you taking on something as unique and impressive as this!

2020 proved to be a most challenging year for everyone, we Everested Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast by climbing it 42 times over a week in place of traveling to Nepal and will repeat this effort in July 2021 as a part of our preparation.

Trekkers elsewhere accumulated the 8848 M in their own regions of Australia, highlighting the inventiveness of the Aussie spirit and our willingness to help people in need.

2021 will hopefully bring more adventure and goodwill. The seduction of Mount Everest has long been known to travellers, climbers, and adventurers alike.